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Looking to Start a Sport Club at Corban?

What are Sport Clubs?
Sport Clubs provide opportunities for students, faculty, staff and alumni with similar interests to participate in various sport and recreational activities. Sport Clubs may provide competition at various levels, participation in tournaments and opportunities to practice. Clubs may be recreational or may be highly competitive in nature.

What is the difference between Sports Clubs and Intramurals?
Clubs are student organized, governed and lead. Sports clubs may have access to Corban facilities with proper approval and as available. For example, currently we have two clubs on campus that are run by student leaders that respectively meet on the soccer practice fields and volleyball courts. They set their games schedules, rules, practices, rosters and social gatherings. Clubs can range from archery clubs to badminton clubs. The students choose their activity according to their interests. Intramurals (IM) are run by the Department of Intramurals which is part of the Athletic Activities Department on Corban’s campus. The Department of Intramurals sets activities, tournaments and league schedules for student involvement. The schedules and rules are all set by the IM department. All students may participate in intramurals without a team or team leader. The FREE AGENT program allows for students to participate as part as a team. IM activities are free and typically come without a fee. For more information, email

What privileges are the Sports Clubs given?
Sports Club privileges include the use of the Corban University name; may include a small budget allotted by the ASB office and the Department of Intramurals, and athletic facilities when available. Otherwise, all clubs will supplement and generate their own budget through membership fees and fund raising. Sports Club funding and facilities use is limited, depending on the availability.

How else will the Department of Intramurals assist with my club?
The Department of Intramurals will assist your club with the following (as available):

  • Scheduling of facility use
  • Score boards
  • Sports Equipment
  • Athletic Trainer
  • On-site supervision
  • Other as requested and approved by the Director of Intramurals

What can Sport Clubs do for me?
Corban University's Sport Club program gives the student an opportunity to take part in the leadership, responsibility and decision making process of club activities. The success of the Sport Club is dependent on the professionalism and leadership shown by the club managers and coaches. It is created for students, by students, under the supervision of the ASB office and staff. Club members nominate student managers who run the day-to-day operations, which include scheduling practices, activities and games, contracting athletic trainers and referees, arranging transportation, and budgeting.

How do I become a sport club member?
Individual sport clubs establish their own membership requirements, dues/fees and club activities. All programs are available to students, faculty, staff and alumni of Corban University. Interested persons should contact the clubs' coach/leader/manager for specific membership information.

Who do I contact to start a new sport club?
Contact the current ASB Student Organizations Coordinator at 503-589-8187. To receive funding from ASB, you sport club is required to elect a student leader and meet requirements specified by ASB.