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Tuition and Financial Aid

With Corban’s affordable degree programs you can advance your career while building your faith, without breaking your budget.

Does it make financial sense to go to school?

Yes. Even with today’s tough economy, earning your degree is one of the smartest financial moves you can make. Those graduating from a bachelor's degree program have salaries that, on average, double the amount of those who have only obtained a high school diploma. Those who have gone on to complete a graduate degree increase their yearly income even more.

Does earning my degree really help me with future job opportunities?

Yes. A college degree will open the door to more job opportunities. For many positions in the job market, employers will not consider or interview candidates who don’t have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. Earning your degree, whether a bachelor's or master's degree, will help you advance your career through promotions or new job opportunities.

How do I pay for school?

Corban University offers financial assistance to graduate and adult degree students in the form of loans and grants. Over 90% of Corban’s graduate and adult degree students use some form of financial aid to finance their education.

What other options are available to help me pay for school?

Tuition Reimbursement: Many companies believe in personal development and are willing to offer financial assistance. Ask your employer to see if you qualify! Often students find that they can receive as little at $1,000 or up to 100% reimbursement.

Financial Aid: Most students who apply for financial aid qualify! As a graduate student, you can receive up to $20,500. As a bachelor’s degree student (ADP) you can receive up to $12,500 in Title IV Stafford Student Loans. Bachelor’s degree students may also qualify for government grants.

Military Education Benefits: If you have served in the military, there may be financial assistance waiting for you! If you don’t take advantage of your benefits, you can lose them. For instance, 10 years after the date of your last discharge your GI Bill benefits may expire. If you are currently in the military, ask your educational officer about tuition assistance.

Payment Plan: If you want to set up a payment plan, we’re here to help! Corban’s Business Office can work with you to set up monthly payment plans.

What is the cost of school?

Cost Per CreditCreditsTotal Cost
The Corban MBA
Master of Arts in Counseling
Master of Science in Education
Graduate Teacher Licensure Program
Bachelor’s in Psychology:
Family Studies Major
$455 (includes books)43$19,565
Bachelor’s in Business:
Organizational Leadership Major
$455 (includes books)36$16,380
Bachelor’s in Business:
Healthcare Administration Major
$455 (includes books)40$18,200
Corban Accelerated Online
Additional Fees:

Application Fee $50
Technology Fee $40 (All programs / each semester)

Enrollment Deposit (due after acceptance):
Bachelor Degree Programs: $100
Graduate Degree Programs $200

Graduation Fee: $120