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Certificate of Biblical Leadership

Are you a Christian looking for leadership training for the 21st century?

One of the hallmarks of Corban University has been its dedicated mission to educate Christians who will make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ.

Corban University School of Ministry’s goal is to help you become the most effective leader possible for Christ.

The faculty of Corban School of Ministry has served as leaders in a wide array of Christian organizations around the world. You’ll draw from their breadth of practical experience and depth of theological understanding to realize your full potential as a Christian leader.

The Certificate of Biblical Leadership is designed to develop church lay leaders’ understanding of scripture, theology and leadership. The certificate consists of 26 semester credits of Bible/Theology and leadership related courses.

Students who have not completed a bachelor degree but would like to complete the program may apply. Students who have an unaccredited bachelor’s degree can enroll in a Master’s degree program upon successful completion of the Certificate of Biblical Leadership.

Students who complete the Certificate of Biblical Leadership will show competency in:

Biblical Understanding as demonstrated in the ability to:

  • Accurately interpret the Bible within its historical, cultural, and, geographical background.
  • Interpret the biblical texts using personal competency and available technological tools.

Systematic Theology as demonstrated in the ability to:

  • Explain, defend, and consistently apply systematic theology within any cultural context.
  • Engage constructively in critical examination of theological claims.
  • Integrate relevant aspects of Christian theology into vocational field.

Christian Leadership as demonstrated in the ability to:

  • Perform leadership responsibilities at a professional level with a Christ-like attitude.
  • Develop ability to comprehend generational differences and to relate to a broad spectrum of ages.
  • With the creative use of on-campus and online delivery methods, we want to take ministry training to the ministry front.

Program Benefits


  • Finish your Certificate of Biblical Leadership in just one year (29 semester credits)
  • Start in any semester (fall, spring)
  • Remain active in your current ministry without relocating
  • Combine a flexible mixture of modules, online and on-campus classes
  • Two campus locations: Puget Sound and Salem
  • Frequent, personal contact with faculty and staff


  • Payment plans are available upon request
  • Audit classes for a fraction of the cost
  • The total cost for the Certificate of Biblical Leadership is a little over $10,000.


  • Study under professors from various ministry backgrounds and educational specialties
  • Receive training in multiple subject areas
  • Interact with classmates in various ministry fields

Corban University is regionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU). This level of accreditation allows students to be eligible for federal financial aid and allows credits and degrees to be transferred to other regionally accredited universities and seminaries.

Program Overview

Certificate of Biblical Leadership (PDF)

Admission Requirements

In keeping with the standards of Corban University School of Ministry and its accrediting agency, NWCCU (Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities), individuals seeking admission should meet the following requirements:

Academic Requirements
Degree: Applicants are not required to possess a bachelor’s degree to apply for the certificate program. Applicants with an unaccredited bachelor’s degree are also welcome to apply. (See Provisos below)
Aptitude: Applicants must have the ability to do graduate work.

Institutional Requirements
Doctrine: Applicants must be in essential agreement with the doctrinal position of the seminary.
Application: Applicants must provide all the normal and necessary enrollment information including transcripts, personal background information, and references.

Should you have any questions regarding your peculiar academic or personal circumstances that appear in conflict with the admission requirements listed above, please contact Admissions 1-800-845-3005.

Program Costs

The total tuition cost for the Certificate of Biblical Leadership program is a little over $11,000. Tuition is paid by semester or a payment plan.

Application Fee: $50 paid once with initial application
Technology Fee: $40 per term
Enrollment Deposit: $200 (due after acceptance)
Tuition: $395 per credit hour (29 credits = $10,270)
(Fees subject to change)

Financial Aid

Since the Certificate of Biblical Leadership program does not lead to a degree completion, there are no scholarships or Federal Financial Aid available for this program. However, you may still use your military benefits to cover Certificate program costs. For details on benefits you may be eligible for, please contact your local military office or visit the following website:

More Information

Karen Pease, Director of Admissions - School of Ministry
253-759-6104 x100 or 1-877-311-6104