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About Us

The Corban University School of Ministry now has two campuses, one on the former NBS site in Tacoma, Wash., and the other on Corban’s main campus in Salem, Ore.

This expansion has resulted in a stronger undergraduate and graduate program for ministry students. Corban has historically had a strong undergraduate Bible and ministry program with students who graduate every year as ministry majors. All students also complete a Bible minor. Adding the school of ministry completes that trajectory for those students seeking graduate and doctoral degrees.

Since April 2010 a significant amount of work has gone into the redevelopment of the School of Ministry. Financial aspects were reworked to put the school on a more solid footing and academic programs were combined and refined to not only keep the strength areas, but also to give added relevance in today’s technological world. Wherever possible, module and online courses are being added to make post-graduate work more feasible for those adults who have jobs or are already in ministry.

The School of Ministry currently holds regional accreditation with Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. This organization is listed by the United States Department of Education as a recognized accrediting agency.

Corban University is an academic community with a Baptist heritage that bases its existence on the concept of ministry through the application of the “Great Commission” as presented in Matthew 28: 19-20, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…teaching them to observe all that I commanded you…” All its academic programs are Christ-Centered equipping students to have a biblical worldview on all issues of life.

The University began 75 years ago in Phoenix, Ariz., as Phoenix Bible Institute and later moved to Oakland, Calif., incorporating as Western Baptist Bible College. In 1948 the GARBC’s National Representative, H.O. Van Gilder, became the president and served until 1964. His term remains today as the longest-running for any president. Western Baptist moved to Oregon in 1969 and its name changed in 2005 to Corban, meaning “a gift dedicated to God.”

What’s new?

In order to bring ministry training to the ministry frontline, Corban School of Ministry is offering fully online graduate degrees in addition to hybrid degrees that can be taken online and on campus in Tacoma, Wash. or Salem, Ore. Choose from the MA in Christian Leadership (with concentrations in Christian Teaching, Spiritual Formation, and Non-profit Leadership) or the Master of Divinity (with concentrations in Biblical Languages* and Church Ministry).

*Biblical language classes are currently offered on the Tacoma campus only.

Check out the trailer for our online class format using Converge.

What’s ahead?

We are continuing to develop our educational offerings in the Puget Sound area. Our goal is to bring other graduate programs to Washington students so that they can pursue a biblically-based degree program in education or counseling in addition to School of Ministry grad programs and the online MBA which are already being offered.

For further information about CUSM, please feel free to contact CUSM Admissions ( or click here for the Q&A section.