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Degree Specifics

What is the focus of the degree?

Upon completion of the program, you will be eligible to apply for an Initial Oregon Teaching License.

What grade levels will I be eligible to teach?

Corban offers licensure for teachers pursuing a career in K-12 education. Upon completion of the licensure program you will be licensed to teach in two consecutive Oregon approved authorization areas. You can choose between.

  • Early Childhood/Elementary School
  • Elementary/Middle School
  • Middle/High School

What middle school and high school content areas are available at Corban University?

  • Biology (high school only)
  • Business
  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Social Studies

Don’t see the content area you want? Talk to an Admissions Counselor about your options at 1-800-764-1383.

What classes will I take?

GTL core courses:

  • Biblical Worldview in Education
  • Instructional Alignment
  • Theories of Learning and Teaching
  • Teaching the Diverse Learner
  • Field Experiences –First& Second Authorizations
  • Special Topics Seminar

Early Childhood/Elementary

  • Methods in Literacy
  • Methods in Math
  • Methods in Social Studies/Science

Elementary/Middle School

  • Methods in Literacy
  • Methods in Math
  • Methods in Social Studies/Science

Middle School/High School

  • Content Area Literacy
  • Special Methods in Content Area

Can any of these classes transfer to a master’s degree?

Yes! Up to 12 credits can be used toward your Master of Science in Education degree at Corban University.

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