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The practicum experience consists of numerous skill building experiences culminating in actual counseling experiences with clients. Students begin skill building with COU501 Counseling Theory & Skills I in the fall and COU502 Counseling Theory & Skills II in the spring. A one credit hour component of these classes will focus on microskills development. Students will participate in role-plays in class and will progress to audio and videotaped role-plays with classmates. The last 5 weeks of class in spring semester will include agency job shadowing (4 hours weekly), class time and 1.5 hours of group supervision each week. In following fall semester students will complete COU512 Practicum.

The practicum student has a chance to gain experience, develop competencies, integrate learning, and realize personal and professional growth under the guidance of a clinical supervisor. The practicum student is expected to demonstrate an increase in designated skills as the experience progresses. In addition to the opportunity to put counseling skills into practice, practicum offers the unique opportunity for the integration of experience and theoretical knowledge. Students must complete 100 clock hours that include: 40 hours direct client service, 1 hour weekly individual supervision, and 1 ½ hours weekly group supervision.

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