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Steve Hunt

Vice President for Marketing

Responsibilities: Marketing/branding for the University, oversight of Director of Institutional Marketing, university communications staff, editor of CORBAN Magazine.

David Sanford

Director of Institutional Marketing

Responsibilities: Serves as liaison for and consults Vice President for Marketing. Oversees writing and design of Corban University printed and online communications. Also oversees Corban’s mass media and institutional marketing initiatives.

Ron Cox

Ron Cox

Creative Director

Responsibilities: Oversees creation of university collateral materials for both print and web. Updates web pages for departments and offices.

Kathy Clarke

Kathy Clarke

Publications Manager

Responsibilities: Manages day-to-day functions of the Marketing & Communications Office. Oversees copy center and on-campus print projects as well as assists communications staff with schedules, project requests and publications. Assistant to Vice President for Marketing.

J Marple

Jessica Marple

Graphic Designer / Photographer

Responsibilities: Creates University collatoral materials for both print and web. Alternate photographer for campus events and various marketing materials.

Sheldon Traver

Sheldon Traver

News writer / Photographer / Videographer

Responsibilities: Writes and photographs news about Corban events, activities and projects for CORBAN Magazine, website and various publications. Writes press releases for media outlets, is staff photographer and videographer for Corban’s communication needs.