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Campus Recreation

Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor Adventure consists of activities that will prominently be hosted off site but on occasion an on campus outdoor adventure may be offered. Groups of Corban students will sign up to participate in these outings in which they will proceed to go on guided expeditions to do fun activities such as:

  • Paintball Days: In cooperation with Canyonview Camp, Corban students will be able to live out their dreams of being a member of elite tactical unite while carrying out highly classified missions equipped with nothing more than their wits, a paintball gun, and some protection.
  • Hiking trips: In an effort to get away from the mundane routines, trips will be organized for students to allow them to get outside and hike some of the beautiful trails of the Pacific Northwest including but not limited to: Multnomah Falls, Mt. Saint Helens, Crater Lake, Opal Creek, among many others. These expeditions will allow students a chance to get away from the grind of daily life and give them a chance to enjoy the work of God in nature.

Other activities may include:

  • Beach Expeditions
  • Horseback Trail rides
  • Kayaking Adventures