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Participation and Sign-ups

  1. Any Corban student, faculty, staff, or alumni is eligible to participate in the Intramural Department. The IM office reserves the right to ask for eligibility credentials, i.e. student ID.
  2. Team Rosters are due on the listed due date to the intramurals coordinators or to the Intramural office. Additions or corrections need to be communicated and cleared through the intramurals office (Gym office).
  3. Rosters and Teams Registrations may be submitted to the IM office after hours. Please use the inbox located outside the IM office nearest to the main entrance of the gym.
  4. Current intercollegiate athletes must have clearance through their coaches to participate in any intramural activity.
  5. Any student, faculty, staff, or alumni participant who has participated in a sport professionally is barred from that sporting activity.
  6. Information regarding activity dates and information times can be obtained from; the Intramural website, IM message board (gym), student e-mail, the Corban Toilet Paper, posters, or from the Intramural office.
  7. maximum of two varsity athletes per team are allowed to play their sport, but must first have permission from their coaches, athletic trainers, and intramural supervisors (ie- No more than two Varsity Men’s Basketball players would be allowed to play on one particular team). If you have the maximum number of sport specific varsity athletes on your team, you are allowed only one other non-sport specific Corban athlete. (includes current and former athletes)

    2 Sport Specific Corban Athletes + 1 Non-Sport Specific Corban Athlete
    1 Sport Specific Corban Athlete + Unlimited Non-Sport Specific Corban Athletes

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