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Campus Recreation


The development of this program is for the expansion of the concept fitness and wellness for the student body. Seeing as how not everyone is in the Health Science program at Corban University, this branch of Campus Recreation is designed to help inform and guide the campus population in a healthier lifestyle.

Included in this program will be seminars including but not limited to the following subject matters:

  • Nutrition
  • Workout Planning
  • Proper Weightlifting techniques
  • Personal Training with paid sessions

Along with these seminars, Fitness & Wellness may include periodical activities to incorporate a different aspect of wellness not always thought of or offered in the traditional classes. Students may can enroll in a fitness class thought in the evenings by an industry professional. This provides an opportunity for students to test out different activities and see if they have a desire to continue participating in said activity. Some of the various activities that we will plan on hosting include:

  • Yoga sessions
  • Pilates sessions
  • Cross Fit Training
  • Zumba