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Final Examinations

The last week of each semester is devoted to final examinations. Except for reasons of schedule conflict (two exams at the same hour), examinations may be rescheduled only in cases of a documented disability or emergency. A fee is charged to cover the costs of monitoring a rescheduled final unless there is a conflict on the schedule.

The final examination schedule is shown below for the undergraduate program on the Salem Campus. It implements a time schedule and placement of an examination based on the time the class meets during the semester. Locate the day and time of your class in the left column below. The date of the exam is listed on the chart heading. For example, classes meeting on MWF starting at 8:00 will have their examination from 8:00-10:00 a.m. on Wednesday. In no case should a student plan to leave campus prior to the end of his/her last examination. Students are required to take their final examinations at the scheduled times. Rescheduling final exams is only allowed for reasons of schedule conflict (two exams at the same hour or more than three in a day) or in cases of documented disability or emergency. Please see the Registrar if you do not understand this policy or need to reschedule an examination.

If any exam is rescheduled the exam will be monitored in the Student Support Center. If it is necessary to reschedule a final examination for any reason other than that mentioned above, a fee is charged to cover the costs of monitoring a rescheduled final.

Final Exam Schedule

If your class begins on:


Fall Sem. 2013Dec. 9Dec. 10Dec. 11Dec. 12
Spring Sem. 2014
Apr. 28April 29April 30May 1
American Thought:
(All sections)
Ed Block (Fall only)  8:00-10:00 
8:00 8:00-10:00 (MTWF)8:00-10:00 (MWF) 
9:0010:30-12:30 (MWF)10:30-12:30 (MTWF)  
11:00  10:30-12:30 
1:00  1:00-3:00 
3:00  3:30-5:30 
4:00/4:304:00 (M only) 4:00 (W only) 
TR or T only at:    
7:30/8:00 8:00-10:00  
9:00 10:30-12:30  
10:30   10:30-12:30
12:00 1:00-3:00  
1:30/2:00   1:00-3:00
3:00   3:30-5:30
4:00/4:30 4:00 (T only)  
Evening 6:00  
R only at:    
7:30/8:00 8:00-10:00  
9:00 10:30-12:30  
10:30   8:00-10:00
12:00 3:30-5:30  
1:30/2:00   1:00-3:00
3:00   3:30-5:30
Evening   6:00