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Endowed Scholarships


College is expensive. Often a student’s only hope for higher education is a scholarship. Subsidizing this hope, the Corban Fund provides hundreds of deserving students with scholarship money every year.

From this pool of resources, more than 80% of Corban students are provided life impacting opportunities – studying each subject in light of God's truth, being transformed in mind and character, and learning to serve as a living testimony of Jesus Christ.

Tuition alone is insufficient to cover Corban’s annual expenses. Each year, the College grants over $5 million in scholarship aid, and $375,000 of that comes from the Corban Fund. This Fund relies solely on the generous donations of alumni, parents, foundations and friends of Corban University.

Corban’s uniqueness

Corban provides a comprehensive, interdenominational and Bible-centered education.

• Every class—from music to psychology, bio-chemistry to health science—is taught from a solidly biblical world view.

• All faculty, staff and students are required to be professing Christians, for the specific purpose of equipping men and women in mind and character to impact the world for Christ.

• Corban is a fully accredited national college recognized and ranked by US News & World Report. While the world promotes relativism, Corban retains an unwavering commitment to the inerrant Word of God, the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and the priority of Scripture throughout all curriculums.

• Corban accepts no direct government funding to guarantee that God's Word underscores everything we teach.

•Corban requires all undergraduate students to take 24 units of comprehensive Bible and theology classes regardless of their major field of study.

Endowed scholarships

Endowed scholarships may be created at Corban University with a minimum gift of $25,000, contributed all at one time or pledged and paid over a maximum of five years. Scholarship funds may be named in the memory or honor of a special person, company or foundation. Endowments provide essential financial aid each year through the interest that is generated. The principal of these funds is held in perpetuity and invested by the University.

Endowed scholarships can be created with gifts of cash or securities and, of course, such gifts are tax deductible contributions. Endowed scholarships may also be created by bequest with donors specifying in their Wills the name of their Fund and any special purpose they wish honored when the Fund becomes established.

Often donors have particular interests and choose to specify that their annual scholarship goes to supporting students majoring in a specific subject or preparing for a particular career. Corban honors such designations and works with each donor to develop the optimal advantage for their Fund.

The fruits of your generosity

The most rewarding aspect of giving is knowing that your gift produces something eternal. Corban students, both present and past, can attest to the miracles that made their admission and continued attendance possible.

Endowed scholarships and the Corban Fund have provided the instrument that God used to create those miracles. Through these resources the rich heritage that founded this college as a training school for Christian workers is made available to countless students today as they prepare for meaningful careers that will impact the world.

Those who give to Corban University not only enjoy federal tax deductions, but they also join a merited fellowship of benefactors. Learn more about supporting Corban scholarships by contacting the Office of Advancement at (503) 375-7003 or email a message to

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