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Adult Degree

Online Learning System: "Converge"

Using Converge
Converge is Corban University's online learning system. This system is designed to allow you to collaborate with others to enhance your learning experience. It will also give you easy access to your course information, as well as the ability to dialog with instructors and peers.

The information menus provide access to all the courses offered in the system. Make sure that you are enrolled in all the courses that you are taking to stay on top of news and information. You can also take advantage of RSS feeds and email within each course to be notified of announcements and postings.

Beyond coursework, there are also several site-wide forums available for general use. In the Main Menu box on the left you will find links to forums for various topics. Feel free to use these to discuss issues not directly pertaining to your classes.

We hope you find this system intuitive and useful. You can link directly to Converge by going to, or by clicking on the Quick Links menu at the top of every page and scroll to the bottom of the list to "Converge".