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The registration process for Corban Accelerated Online is a little different for each person depending on your situation. Please read carefully as you proceed. We’ll try to make this simple.

Please note: Students enrolled in one of Corban University’s traditional undergraduate programs must petition for access to Corban Accelerated Online courses. Please visit the Academic Office in Schimmel Hall for more information. You may not use online registration at this time.

To begin registration, please answer the following question to determine if you have an account in our Student Information System (SIS):

Have you taken a class for credit from Corban University since 1993?




Additional Information

Syllabus: The course syllabus (including textbook information) and any other necessary materials will be emailed to you following registration.

Textbooks: CAO tuition does not include textbooks. All required textbooks and materials will be available for purchase through the Corban University bookstore. Call 503-375-7035 to verify store hours and costs as well as refund policy. Purchase your books early enough to prepare for assignments due on the first day of class.

Withdrawals: You MUST withdraw from a course by the first Friday following the start date. Contact the ADP office by phone (888-370-7590 or 503-375-7590) or email ( to officially request a course withdrawal. Students withdrawing AFTER the first Friday after class starts will forfeit a tuition refund and are subject to a failing grade.

Refunds: Tuition is refundable only in cases where the student has officially withdrawn from a course by the first Friday after class starts. In cases of severe illness or family emergency occurring after a course has begun, please contact the ADP office for consideration.