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Course Login Procedures

Welcome to Converge - the online educational environment at Corban!

You can find the Converge login page here:

Logging into Converge

Your username will be a combination of your legal first and last names. For example: johnsmith or peterjones (rather than pete). Note that there are no spaces or dashes, and names are not capitalized.

Your password is currently your social security number without dashes or spaces. For example: 555121212

If your login does not work, try a different use of your name (usually your legal name) and double check that your data is correct. If all else fails, you can contact Alan Bittel or Sue Roth to assist you.

Logging into your Corban Accelerated Online course

When you log into Converge as a registered student, your course will appear in a box in the upper left that says, “My Courses.” Clicking on your course link within this box will take you to your Corban Accelerated Online course. (Your course will normally be accessible 2-3 days before the published start date).


Any questions of a technical nature can be directed to

If this is your first online Corban Accelerated Online course, we sincerely hope you enjoy the experience!