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Student Media Policy


Student media publications such as Hilltop News, Hilltop Online, and the University Yearbook, are collaborative endeavors between the Office of Student Life and the English Department.  J-Lab (CO321, 322, 323) is a journalism workshop designed to provide students with hands-on journalism experience in reporting, writing, photography, copyediting, design and newsroom management.  While J-Lab provides the personnel and know-how for student publications, as well as funding through ads, the majority of the financing for student publications is provided through the Student Services Fee administered by the Dean of Students.  Approximately 45% of the Student Services Fee collected each year is dedicated to student media through J-Lab. 

It is expected that student publications will provide a forum for the free and vigorous expression of opinion.  The opinions expressed may sometimes differ from established university or administrative policy, and at other times may collide with the opinions of media staff.  However, at all times the publications are expected to complement the University mission of educating Christians “who will make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ” and to carry out the J-Lab mission statement of “telling true stories that contribute to authentic Christian community at Corban.” Student publications directly contribute to the University’s themes of transformative learning and holistic development.  One of the objectives of the transformative learning theme is that students will impact individuals and groups through writing and speaking.  An objective of the holistic development theme is that students will demonstrate an appreciation for and participate in the performing/visual arts.  Student media give hands-on expression to both these themes as students write, photograph, design, and produce publications for the Corban community.