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Sports Management

Human Performance: Sports Management (60)

This track in the Human Performance program directs the student toward the administrative careers in sport, fitness, and physical activity. Graduates are pursuing post-graduate work in sport management or entering the workforce in such capacities as directors of activity programs, the managers of athletic facilities, and marketers of sporting events. The business of sport, fitness, and recreational is a multi-billion dollar industry and the sport management degree will open these positions to our graduates.

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Business Prerequisites required for this major (9)
AC213 Financial Accounting 3)
BA333 Marketing Strategy 3)
EC213 Macro Economics
EC223 Micro Economics (3)

Human Performance Core (16)
HP202 Intro to PE/Sport 2)
HP363 Exercise Prescription 3)
HP423 Physiology of Exercise 3)
SC3841 Human Anatomy/Physiology with lab SC3841L (4)
SC3842 Human Anatomy/Physiology with lab SC3842L 4)

Sport Management (20)
BA333FB Finance and Budgeting in Sport (3)
BA333SP Sports Marketing (3)
HE401 First Aid and CPR (1)
HP453 Facilities and Event Management (3)
HP332 Sports Law (2)
HP422 Sports Ethics and Issues (2)
HP343 Organization, Administration and Governance in PE/Sport (3)
HP463 Internship (3)

Human Performance Electives (18)
HP222 Coaching Theory (2)
HP243 Care/Prevention/Athletic Injuries (3)
HP312 Motor Development (2)
HP313 Motor Learning (3)
HP321 Directing Experience in Exercise Act. (1)
HP403 Therapeutic Exercise (3)
HP413 Nutrition (3)
HP443 Biomechanics (3)
Select a minimum of 3 hours from the following: Business, Communication, Psychology and Science (Minimum 200+ Level)

Total Degree Requirements for this Major (128)
*Open electives are completed to meet the total hours required.