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Social Science: Pre-Law (49)


The pre-law program is essentially a social science major with the addition of specifically chosen courses that will help the student acquire analytical and communication skills required by the legal profession. For students who complete the pre-law curriculum but choose not to attend law school, there are a number of careers for which the pre-law curriculum is appropriate, such as government service, journalism, business, foreign service, and education.

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Specific Requirements (29)
AC213 Intro Financial Accounting (3)
AC223 Intro Managerial Accounting (3)
AC313T Taxation (3)
BA313 Business Law (3)
BA323 Management Principles (3)
CO343 Advanced Speech (3)
EN343 Creative Writing Nonfiction (3)
PH223 Logic (3)
PO402 Pre-Law Seminar (2)
Electives (Upper division): History, Philosophy, or Sociology (3)

Core Requirements for Social Science Majors (20)
Four hours of lower-division American History. These are embedded in the ID114, 124 American Thought & Culture courses, AND Four hours of lower-division World History. These are embedded in the ID214, 224 World Thought & Culture courses.

Select four courses from the following: (12)
AN303 Cultural Anthropology (3)
EC213 Macro Economics (3)
EC223 Micro Economics (3)
PO203 National Government (3)
SO203 General Sociology (3)
SS303 Social Science Research Methods (3)

Total Degree Requirements for this Major (128)
*Open electives are completed to meet the total hours required.