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The Music Department gives out a limited number of scholarships every year to students who major in music. Awards are determined by musical skill, experience, uniqueness of contribution, and academic standing. Students who will be assets to our ensembles, who play less common instruments, or who have experience as accompanists will likely receive more consideration. Scholarships are only given to students who have completed an audition and submitted an application. Awards are renewable for up to four years, provided the student maintains eligibility.

Most awards are decided in February, so it is recommended to audition before then. If a student is unsure regarding college plans, it is appropriate and recommended that he or she audition for a scholarship anyway. It can be cancelled later if necessary.

Participation Awards
Talented musicians who decide not to major in music may be eligible to receive a Participation Award. These are given completely at the discretion of ensemble directors, based on who they feel will be an asset or fill a need in their ensembles. Participation awards require participation in an ensemble