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Psychology Student Testimonies

Melissa Stromberger, class of 2004 
When I set foot on Corban’s campus for the first time, I had no clue what I wanted to study. After dabbling in English Communications, I finally landed on General Psychology as a major when I took the Intro to Psychology course and connected with both the material and the professor.

The faculty demonstrated the integrity of Corban’s psychology program. It wasn’t long before I experienced the integration of psychological theory and fundamental Christianity. Every day examples included a scriptural devotional before Counseling class, and one-on-one time with the professors to discuss assignments or simply receive support. 

Currently, as a graduate student pursuing my doctoral degree in clinical psychology, even now I continue to correspond with my former Corban advisor,Patricia Myers. She offers not only supportive advice through my developmental process as a therapist, but also serves as a mentor I can look to.

Overall, I reflect on my four years at Corban with fondness. I realize much of my emotional and spiritual growth occurred during that time. I am grateful that I was surrounded by supportive faculty, staff and friends who walked beside me through my academic and spiritual journey. I am thankful for my time with Corban’s psychology department. It provided a safe place to ask important question regarding faith and integration in the psychology field. More importantly, my advisor and professors encouraged me to look past the here and now, and embrace all that God had for me in the future, protected in His infinite providence and grace.