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Psychology: Industrial/Organizational (39)


The Industrial/Organizational Psychology program provides students with a knowledge of team building, conflict resolution, and organizational theory to enhance individuals, corporations, churches and communities. It also helps develop personal leadership philosophy and skills. Students are offered graduate school preparation, and engage in ministry that utilizes knowledge gained through their major.

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Major in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (39)

Specific Requirements (15)
PS343 Industrial Organizational Psychology (3)
PS363 Group Dynamics (3)
PS353 Psychology of Addiction (3)
Electives: Psychology (6)

Recommended Electives:
CO443 Interpersonal Communication (3)
MA233 Statistics and Probability (3)
PS223 Lifespan Development (3)

Core Requirements: Industrial/Organizational Majors (21)
PS203 General Psychology (3)
PS323 Psychology & Christianity (3)
PS371 Practicum: Counseling Psychology I (1)
PS383 Counseling I (3)
PS303 Social Psychology (3)
PS431 Senior Seminar (1)
PS473 Dispute Resolution (3)
PS482-486 Internship* (4)
PS391-2 Practicum III: Personnel Management* (4)
SS303 Social Science Research Methods (3)
*Can be repeated for additional credit (2)

Total Degree Requirements for this Major (128)
*Open electives are completed to meet the total hours required.

Minor in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (21)

Minors must be taken in conjunction with a major to satisfy requirements for a bachelor’s degree.

PS2O3 General Psychology (3)
PS343 Industrial/Organizational Psychology (3)
PS473 Dispute Resolution (3)
PS___ Electives in Psychology (6)
Electives: Business or Communication (6)