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Program Information


  • Helps students develop a biblical understanding of people based on a good understanding of the Bible, psychological research and counseling theory

  • Prepares students for graduate school

  • Gives students the ability to obtain employment in a psychology related field

  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology provides students with a knowledge of team building, conflict resolution, and organizational theory to enhance individuals, corporations, churches, and communities

  • Helps students develop personal leadership philosophy and skills

  • Offers graduate school preparation

  • Allows students to engage in ministry that utilizes knowledge gained through the major

  • Prepares students for employment in an industrial organization related occupation
    Youth and Family Studies

  • Helps students obtain employment in various agencies and institutions that assist youth and/or families

  • Trains students to utilize compassion, gifts, and talents in a lay ministry to churches and church-based organizations

  • Prepares students for graduate school

  • Helps students develop seminars, political interests, or programs that directly benefit youth and families