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Paraprofessional Educator (64)


With Corban University’s biblical education core as its foundation, the Associate of Arts Degree in Education is designed to prepare candidates for a supporting role in the PreK-12 classroom. Specific education coursework has been chosen to meet federal requirements for highly qualified classroom assistants.

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Biblical Education Requirements (12)
BI113 Surv Bible Literature I (3)
BI123 Surv Bible Literature II (3)
BI202 Bible Study Methods (2)
IS202 Global Perspectives (2)
TH202 Baptist Heritage (2)

Humanities and Social Science (16)
CO102 Fundamentals of Speech (2)
EN123 College Writing I (3)
EN132 College Writing II (2)
ID101 Freshman Seminar (1)
ID114 American Thought & Culture (4)
ID124 American Thought & Culture (4)
ID214 World Thought & Culture (not required)
ID224 World Thought & Culture (not required)

Human Performance (2)
HP121 Fitness-oriented Activity (1)
HP131 Skill-oriented Activity (1)

Specific Requirements (20-22)
ED102 Intro to Education (2)
ED111 Field Exp I - OPE I (1)
ED222 Child/Adolescent Development (2)
ED232 Psychology of Education (2)
ED302 Classroom Mgmt & Discipline (2)
ED312 Teaching Exceptional Children (2)
ED435 EC/EL Reading and Children’s Lit.
ED402 ML/HS Content Area Literacy (2-4)
MA383 EC/EL Math I (3)
MA393 EC/EL Math II (3)
Electives to Complete Requirements (6)

Suggested Electives
ED214 Intercultural Communication & OPE II (2)
ED330 Instructional Alignment I (3)
ED410 Philosophy of Education (2)
ED440CL Children’s Literature (2)