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Music: Worship Arts (61-63)

The worship arts degree is focused on training the student for future ministry in the area of church worship. In addition to music classes, each student will study the philosophy, theology and practical aspects of church worship.

  • Trains with comprehensive biblical core and balanced ministry styles
  • Provides practical experience through church internships
  • Includes mentoring from area worship pastors

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Specific Requirements (28)
MU132 Technology in Worship Ministry (2)
MU202 Intro to Worship Studies (2)
MU222 Music Charting (2)
MU382 Worship Leadership Skills (2)
MU392 Song in Worship (2)
MU403 Worship Planning/Administration (3)
Practica and Internships (7)
MU491 Final Project (1)
TH312 Theology of Worship (2)

Electives to be chosen from (6)
CO233 Dramatic Arts I
CO243 Dramatic Arts II (3)
MU221AS Aural Skills IV (1)
MU223 Music Theory IV (3)
MU282 Choral Techniques (2)
MU312 Orchestration (2)
MU342 Conducting II (2)

Recommended Electives:
CO443 Interpersonal Comm. (3)
CM___ Christian Ministry electives
PS383 Counseling I (3)

Core Requirements* (34-36)
MU111AS Aural Skills I (1)
MU113 Music Theory I (3)
MU121AS Aural Skills II (1)
MU123 Music Theory II (3)
MU211AS Aural Skills III (1)
MU213 Music Theory III (3)
MU313 Music History I (3)
MU323 Music History II (3)
MU332 Conducting I (2)
MP___ Applied Music (6-8)
(private lessons on major instrument)
MP___ Music Ensembles** (8)
(4 semester Praise Band; 2 Choir, Band or Orchestra)
MP250 Piano Proficiency (0)
Must pass proficiency exams in piano. These skills may be acquired by taking piano class or private lessons.

Total Degree Requirements for this Major (128)
*Note: Core requirements have minor changes from other music majors.
**These courses may be repeated.
***Open electives are completed to meet the total hours required.