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Music Student Testimonies


“I knew that if music was a gift God had given me, I needed to use it for Him. I decided to attend Corban to pursue that goal. The music program allowed me to use my musical abilities for Christ while providing supportive friends to help me along the way. I have learned that no matter what happens, God is always there for me and is always providing for and blessing me. If you are thinking about majoring in music, come check it out!”
- Bryce Phelan, class of 2012, Worship Arts

“Being a music major at Corban has stretched me in so many ways. As a freshman, I knew I wanted to eventually teach music at a school. I soon learned this would not be an easy task, but throughout the process, the music faculty has been a wonderful aid. They really desire to know you as more than just another student. They have presented opportunities which have helped me to grow. Through classes and ensembles they have helped me to discover and understand my strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, they are willing to help strengthen me in those areas. I am very thankful for God’s continual provision in allowing me to grow at Corban.”
- Monica Alfson, class of 2013, Music Education

“While initially intimidated by the idea of studying music at Corban, I soon found my music professors to be friendly, approachable, and eager to help me succeed. The expert instruction, guidance, and encouragement of the faculty have impacted me more than anything else at Corban, and it makes the Corban Music Department distinct. I have come to share their enthusiasm.”
- Elisa Baggenstos, class of 2010, Violin Performance

“I transferred to Corban sight-unseen after spending a semester at a liberal arts school in the Midwest. Corban was a breath of fresh air to me -- both as a school and within the Music Department. As a musician here, I feel appreciated and important. From a spiritual perspective, it is our priority to glorify God with our music, our learning, our practicing, and our performing. We make it our goal to give these things back to God every day.”
- Marianne Nikkel, class of 2010, Vocal Performance

“I came to Corban knowing that I had a passion to lead worship through music, but that’s all I knew about music. I wanted to give up many times. It's funny though how God takes us through difficult situations so that we can grow closer to Him and learn to rely solely on Him! Whether it is singing in Chamber Choir, making lifelong friends, staying up all night working on Music Theory homework, or finally beginning to learn how to truly praise God with the gifts that He has given me, my time here has equipped me for a lifetime of leading worship.”
- Christan Ross, class of 2009, Worship Arts

“The Corban music program is small, but it is good. I have been impressed with the quality of the education I have received. Our music professors have demonstrated a deep understanding and love of their subject as well as a desire to integrate a biblical worldview into everything they do. I have enjoyed wonderful opportunities that I wouldn’t have gotten at a larger school, such as getting hands-on experience as an accompanist. I am confident that the education I have received will be a solid foundation for my musical career.”
- Karen Wright, class of 2009, Piano Performance