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Ministry: Student and Family


The Student and Family Ministries track endeavors to present an informed view of the joys, challenges, and responsibilities associated with student and family ministry. Emphasis is placed on understanding American culture, developing the competencies expected of an excellent Minister, studying contemporary models of ministry, as well as investigating a Biblical theology of ministry, and developing one’s own philosophy of ministry.

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Major in Student and Family Ministry (48-50)

Specific Requirements (23-24)
BI393 Intro to Biblical Languages (3)
CM202 Overview of Student/Family Ministry (2)
CM303 Philosophy of Student/Family Ministry (3)
CM333 Program Planning Dev. (3)
CM404 Dynamics of Church Dev. (3)
CM222 Women in Ministry (2)
TH333 Christian Ethics (3)
First Aid/CPR card (1)

Two of the following:
PS313 Human Development (3)
PS373 Marriage & Family (3)
PS383 Counseling I (3)
PS393 Counseling II (3)
PS413 Abnormal Psychology (3)
PS473 Dispute Resolution (3)

Core Ministry Requirements (25-26)
CM102 Introduction to Ministry (1)
CM201 Observation and Learning (1)
CM301 Junior Practicum (1)
CM401 Senior Practicum (1)
One Philosophy of Ministry Course (2-3)
CM222 Women in Ministry (2)
CM303 Philosophy of Student & Family Ministries (3)
CM404 Dynamics of Church Development (3)
CM452/462 Homiletics I/II 
CM312/322 Women’s Message Preparation I/II (4)
CM412 Senior Ministry Seminar (2)
CO403 Intercultural Communication (3)
CM101CC Cross-cultural Connections (1)
TH303 Religious Movements (3)
TH403 Apologetics (3)
TH463 Biblical Spiritual Formation (3)
*See program advisor for specific internship requirements.
**Intercultural Studies internships must be cross-cultural.

Total Degree Requirements for this Major (128)
*Open electives are completed to meet the total hours required.

Minor in Student and Family Ministry (18)

Minors must be taken in conjunction with a major to satisfy requirements for a bachelor’s degree.

CM201 Ministry Learning/Observation (1)
CM202 Foundations of Student and Family Ministries (2)
CM301 Junior Ministry Practicum (1)
CM303 Philosophy of Student and Family Ministries (3)
CM333 Program Planning & Method (3)
CM412 Senior Ministry Seminar
CM402W Discipleship Program Development (2)
TH463 Biblical Spiritual Formation (3)
PS244 Youth & Adolescent Pathology (3)




A.A. Biblical Studies
Bible Translation
Biblical Studies*
Education: Bible Education
Intercultural Studies (Missions)
Pastoral Ministries
Women's Ministries
Student & Family Ministries

Intercultural Studies (Missions)
Women's Ministries
Student & Family Ministries

Student Testimonies

*All Corban students who complete the general education requirement in Biblical Studies with grades C- or better receive a minor in Biblical Studies. Students who receive less than C- grades in this requirement can choose to retake the class for a higher grade, or forfeit receiving the minor.