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Ministry Internships

Field experience complements and supplements classroom learning in several ways. It gives practical application to classroom learning and the opportunity for skill development in real life situations. It allows students to be mentored by veterans in various fields of ministry. Internships and practicums also enable students to invest in the lives of people spiritually, even while they are still learning.



A.A. Biblical Studies
Bible Translation
Biblical Studies*
Education: Bible Education
Intercultural Studies (Missions)
Pastoral Ministries
Women's Ministries
Student & Family Ministries

Intercultural Studies (Missions)
Women's Ministries
Student & Family Ministries

Student Testimonies

*All Corban students who complete the general education requirement in Biblical Studies with grades C- or better receive a minor in Biblical Studies. Students who receive less than C- grades in this requirement can choose to retake the class for a higher grade, or forfeit receiving the minor.