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Ministry: Bible Translation (57-58)


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Specific Requirements (32)
AN303 Cultural Anthropology (3)
BI393 Intro to Biblical Languages (3)
IS413 Geo-Cultural Research (3)
IS423 Cross-Cultural Field Work (1)
PS383 Basic Counseling Skills (3)
TH333 Christian Ethics (3)

The following courses are taken at Canada Institute of Linguistics*, Trinity Western University:
First Summer (8)

LING310 Articulatory Phonetics
LING360 Grammatical Analysis
LING470 Language and Culture Learning

Second Summer (8)
LING330 Phonological Analysis
LING481 Anthropological Linguistics: Ethnography
LING460 Syntax and Semantics

Core Ministry Requirements (25-26)
CM102 Introduction to Ministry (1)
CM201 Observation and Learning (1)
CM301 Junior Practicum (1)
CM401 Senior Practicum (1)
One Philosophy of Ministry Course (2-3)
CM222 Women in Ministry (2)
CM303 Philosophy of Student & Family Ministries (3)
CM404 Dynamics of Church Development (3)
CM452/462 Homiletics I/II 
CM312/322 Women’s Message Preparation I/II (4)
CM412 Senior Ministry Seminar (2)
CO403 Intercultural Communication (3)
CM101CC Cross-cultural Connections (1)
TH303 Religious Movements (3)
TH403 Apologetics (3)
TH463 Biblical Spiritual Formation (3)
*See program advisor for specific internship requirements.
**Intercultural Studies internships must be cross-cultural.

Total Degree Requirements for this Major (128)
**Open electives are completed to meet the total hours required.




A.A. Biblical Studies
Bible Translation
Biblical Studies*
Education: Bible Education
Intercultural Studies (Missions)
Pastoral Ministries
Women's Ministries
Student & Family Ministries

Intercultural Studies (Missions)
Women's Ministries
Student & Family Ministries

Student Testimonies

*All Corban students who complete the general education requirement in Biblical Studies with grades C- or better receive a minor in Biblical Studies. Students who receive less than C- grades in this requirement can choose to retake the class for a higher grade, or forfeit receiving the minor.