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Mathematics Student Testimonies


Paula Bobrowski, Senior, Mathematics
"I chose math to be my major because it is a subject I enjoy, and there was more room to take a variety of electives. I have always planned on going to graduate school, so I wanted to get my bachelor's degree in a field that is adaptable career wise (teaching, computer science, etc.)

To be honest, I didn't chose Corban specifically for the math program, because I knew very little about it. I chose Corban for its commitment to core values and solid Biblical teaching. But, having spent three years in the program, it is easy for me to see that God knew what He was doing in bringing me here. I've had excellent professors and classmates who have challenged and encouraged me, not to mention making me laugh, a lot.

Professor Mike Miller has become not only my advisor, but also friend. He and his wife, Katie, were resident directors of the dorm I lived in for three years. One of those years I was a resident assistant, and spent many hours in their living room talking with them. In and out of the classroom Mike Miller has challenged me to think bigger and work harder than I sometimes want to.

After I graduate I see myself first traveling in Europe, and then most likely getting my graduate degree in teaching. And, just to borrow a thought from twentieth century mathematician, Bertrand Russell, 'Mathematics, rightly viewed, possessed not only truth, but supreme beauty-a beauty cold and austere, like that of a sculpture, without appeal to any part of our weaker nature, without the gorgeous trappings of painting or music, yet sublimely pure, and capable of a stern perfection such as only the greatest art can show."

Daren Forrest, Junior, Mathematics Education
"I started in mathematics education because I enjoyed explaining math to my peers in high school. I felt good at it. It was a natural choice for a major for me. Sitting in class at Corban I have been able to see that math is a great subject for anyone who is willing to put in the required effort.

I chose Corban because it had a great teacher education program and also contained math and information sciences majors, two other areas I was interested in. The advanced math program offers only one professor who takes time to get to know the students and is available for personal help almost every day. In addition, what other college can offer Calculus classes that only have four students? Talk about personalized instruction.

Professor Mike Miller is great. When he says he is the math department, it's true. And at the same time, he wants to get to know his students. I can't count the number of days when I go into his office after school without having a real math question, and just talk about life. Mike is honest, and sometimes I don't like people to be honest, but the truth is necessary for growth. He's not only here to get a paycheck or do research. He's here to teach and instruct in math and in how to please God with your life.

Every Monday Mike will ask each of his classes, 'Whelp, did anybody do anything fun this weekend?' Every week he does that, without fail… unless the Mariners lost. Then we get a recap on the game, complete with hand-motions. It's pretty funny."