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Human Performance


Program Overview

Our human body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and we are commanded to be good stewards of our body. Corban’s Human Performance program believes that Christians are to understand and apply the principles of physical health in order to enhance both their mental and spiritual health.

The foundational basis of the program lies in its focus on biblical principles through which individual understanding and development prepare one for a life of service to others. A primary function of the program is to provide the student with activity-oriented knowledge and problem solving skills to meet the demands of a life of ministry in the human performance fields.

The Human Performance major may select one of three emphases: Exercise Science, Sports Management or Physical Education. The Exercise Science option has a research project requirement with an option for majors to add an internship experience. The Sports Management option has an internship requirement with an option for majors to add a research project experience.

Career opportunities for Human Performance graduates may exist in leadership, supervision, planning and programming, teaching, administration and management. Graduates may seek professional opportunities within churches, camping ministries, municipal park and recreation departments, private and commercial recreation, industry, recreation and fitness clubs, missions, recreation in the armed services, national organizations (Red Cross, Boys and Girls Club, Boys and Girls Scouts, YMCA, etc.), various para-church organizations, such as Youth for Christ, Young Life and Athletes in Action, as well as private and public educational settings.

Where we've been, where we're going...
“The number of Human Performance majors has increased 50% over the past 7 years.  The curriculum was adjusted to meet the various demands of the physical activity profession and we will continue to meet the dynamic needs of the profession.  Students are challenged in the teaching methodology, management and science areas.  As a result, they are entering the job market prepared to teach, coach, fitness train, and manage activity or sporting events.” Dr. David B. Bale

Classroom to life application
“The newest theory courses in our curriculum are Therapeutic Exercise and Exercise Prescription. Several other courses were modified or eliminated to streamline and enhance the major. One of the purposes was to create more hands on experience before students graduate.” -Dr. David B. Bale