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Health Science Student Testimonies


Eric Clifford, Class of 2008

I arrived at Corban in the Fall of 2004 knowing that I wanted to pursue a career in medicine. I was honestly shocked when I found out that I was one of only a few Health Science Majors enrolled at the school. I wondered if I would be able to get everything I needed to be accepted to medical school, or if I was going to have to transfer after only a few years.

Well, it has been three years since I started, and I am now preparing to graduate in the Spring with my Health Science Degree. 

During my time, I have seen the Science department grow steadily with new faculty, which is undoubtedly influenced by the increased interest in Medical professions on campus.  

The amount of Health Science majors has increased dramatically as well.  Mr. Johnson has put in countless hours making this a very good program, and has surrounded himself with faculty members that are truly interested in helping students fulfill their dreams and encouraging them in their Christian walk.  Science and religion are often conflicting subjects, but the professors do a tremendous job of integrating truths with scientific materials.

Overall, I am confident that the education I have received will help me be competitive for further education, and have had that fact confirmed by admissions committee members from several medical schools.  

If you are looking for a place to grow in your relationship with Christ, while preparing to serve the World in the Medical field, look no further than Corban College.

Andrew Cornelius, Class of 2004

I have known for a while that I want to pursue a career in medicine, so it was a very logical choice to pick the Health Science major. I chose Corban because God chose it for me. God led me to Corban, but I still felt like I would need to transfer to another school to complete my pre-med education. As I looked at other options I realized that I was already receiving a quality education both in the field of science and all other courses. Now that I am almost finished, I can say that God has me here to get a solid Christian foundation and receive the undergraduate education that will prepare me for medical school.

From the start of my time at Corban I recognized that the professors were here for the students. This has been evidenced both in and out of the classroom. I can honestly say that I have built relationships with my professors, and they take a sincere interest in me becoming who God wants me to be. As for the fun and entertaining times, in general, Professor Bell is a funny guy. I think he works for Laffy Taffy in the summers. There were a million good jokes in Physics alone.

During the spring of my junior year I was able to participate in an internship. Basically it was a job shadow at a local family practice clinic. They allowed me to assist in many minor surgical procedures, help around the office, and observe the basic patient visits. The internship was ideal in getting further medical experience and expanding my knowledge of the medical field.