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General Psychology


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Major in Psychology (39)

Specific Requirements (15)
PS313 Personality Theory (3)
PS244 Youth and Adolescent Pathology
PS413 Abnormal Psychology (3)
PS___ Psychology electives (9)

Recommended Elective:
MA233 Statistics and Probability (3)

Core Requirements for all Psychology Majors (24)
PS203 General Psychology (3)
PS223 Lifespan Development* (3)
PS323 Psychology & Christianity (3)
PS371 Practicum: Counseling Psychology I (1)
PS383 Counseling I (3)
PS303 Social Psychology (3)
PS431 Senior Seminar (1)
PS473 Dispute Resolution (3)
PS482-486 Internship** (4)
PS391-2 Practicum III: Personnel Management** (4)
SS303 Social Science Research Methods (3)
*Not required in Industrial/Organizational Major (21)
**Can be repeated for additional credit (2)

Total Degree Requirements for this Major (128)
*Open electives are completed to meet the total hours required.

Minor in Psychology (21)

Minors must be taken in conjunction with a major to satisfy requirements for a bachelor’s degree.

PS2O3 General Psychology (3)
PS323 Psychology & Christianity (3)
PS383 Counseling I (3)
PS___ Electives in Psychology (12)