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General Music


This major is designed to provide the maximum amount of flexibility for the student who wishes to go into music business, missions, composition or accompanying. A solid musical foundation is provided in this program together with the most elective hours of any music major.

  • Prepares students with a broad experience in music
  • Provides strong foundation in musical knowledge and skills
  • Includes private instruction in voice or an instrument of your choice

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Major in Music (52)

Specific Requirements (24)
MU322 Form and Analysis (2)
MU342 Conducting II (2)
MU413 Pedagogy and Literature (3)
MU491 Final Project (1)
MP___ Applied Music (8)
MP___ Music Ensembles* (8)
At least 3 semester hours of choral ensembles and at least 1 semester hour of instrumental ensemble.

Core Requirements for Music Majors (28)
MU111AS Aural Skills I (1)
MU113 Music Theory I (3)
MU121AS Aural Skills II (1)
MU123 Music Theory II (3)
MU211AS Aural Skills III (1)
MU213 Music Theory III (3)
MU221AS Aural Skills IV (1)
MU223 Music Theory IV (3)

Select one of the following five (2)
MU231 Percussion Techniques
MU241 Woodwind Techniques
MU251 Brass Techniques
MU261 String Techniques
MU282 Choral Techniques

MU312 Orchestration (2)
MU313 Music History I (3)
MU323 Music History II (3)
MU332 Conducting I (2)
MP250 Piano Proficiency (0)
Must pass proficiency exams in piano. These skills may be acquired by taking piano class or private lessons.

Total Degree Requirements for this Major (129)
*These courses may be repeated
**Open electives are completed to meet the total hours required.