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Performance ensembles play a vital role in the musical life on the Corban campus. Annually the music department hosts a music retreat (fall), Christmas Showcase (fall), and Hymn Festival (spring) in addition to seasonal concerts. Ensemble members will be required to purchase performance attire. There are someParticipation Awards available for students.

There is no overload charge (extra tuition for taking more than 17 semester hours) for enrolling in a choir, band, or orchestra.


Concert Band 
Concert band is open to students with previous experience on a band instrument. It plays standard band repertoire and arrangements of hymns and praise songs. The band performs at least twice a semester in concert and rehearses two days per week.

Jazz Band 
This band is open to students with previous experience on saxophone, trombone, trumpet, drums set, piano, bass and jazz guitar. It plays standard jazz band repertoire as well as Christian music arranged in jazz styles, frequently featuring individual members of the group as soloists. Jazz Band performs several concerts each semester and rehearses two days per week.

Chamber Orchestra
This ensemble is open to students with experience on stringed instruments. The orchestra plays standard string and orchestral repertoire as well as arrangements of hymns and praise songs or popular selections. It also performs collaborative works for choir and orchestra and occasionally includes winds instruments. The Chamber Orchestra performs at least twice a semester in concert and rehearses twice a week.


Concert Choir
This choir is open to all Corban students, and no audition is required. The concert choir performs standard university-level choral repertoire including Christian literature of both contemporary and classical styles. It performs at least twice a semester in concert and rehearses two days a week.

Chamber Choir 
This group is by audition only and not open to freshmen. Chamber Choir is devoted to the mastery and performance of historically significant choral literature. The varied repertoire is primarily directed toward early classical literature including a cappella styling and works of the masters. Potential members may audition in the late spring semester. The chamber choir performs many times each semester, participates in choral competitions, and sometimes travels overseas.


Praise and Worship Band 
The P&W Band is an ensemble class open to all Corban students interested in leading musical worship as space allows. Both instrumentalists and vocalists may audition. The class is directly responsible to provide leadership for chapel music. Students who take this class become the musicians for multiple chapel bands who then lead on a rotating basis. The P & W bands rehearse three hours on Monday evenings.


Performance Opportunities 
Corban supplies various venues for performances. This includes formal and informal recitals, ensemble concerts, chapel worship, and touring ensembles. Students are able to perform as soloists, group members, and accompanists.

Small Ensembles
Each semester students organize their own small ensembles to perform on and off campus. Faculty coaching is available upon request.

There are many opportunities for students with the appropriate piano skills to be involved accompanying other students for lessons and performances. Accompanists are paid for their time. Students interested in accompanying must audition for the faculty.