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English Student Testimonies


Kate TracySee how english major Kate Tracy will work with the “Herald and News” newspaper in Klamath Falls and “Christianity Today” in Chicago.

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Caitlin O'Connor

I can confidently say that I feel prepared to step out into the communications field. The principles and core values of proficient and efficient communication are ingrained in me. No matter where I have chosen to work, Corban University's mission "Educating Christians to make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ" has proven effective in my life. I feel strongly equipped to provide quality work for my future employers.

Corban’s small classes allow the English and Communications professors to equip each student with pragmatic experience in their discipline. My Organizational Communication course required me to carry out a full audit on a business - complete with a large portfolio, employee interviews, professional research, statistics, and presentations to both the class and the organization's management. My auditing experience helped me obtain an internship with Northrop Grumman Corp. (the third largest defense contractor for the US government) editing the logic and rationale of their program proposals. Corban University students are known for their work ethic, character, and top-notch education.

I love that Corban professors are dedicated to providing a comfortable yet challenging environment. I never felt ridiculed or laughed at for my amateur speaking or writing mistakes; I was only corrected, instructed, and encouraged. With honoring God at the core of both teacher and student motives, the goal of excellence in communication is omnipresent.

Rebekah Clark

On my first visit I was so impressed by the friendliness of everyone-admissions staff and students alike-and the way I immediately felt welcome, like part of a family. Once I'd decided to attend, the choice of majoring in English/Journalism was easy.

I love to write and hope to get into the Christian book publishing field someday as an editor. By studying English/Journalism I had the opportunity to develop my writing and editing skills within a Christian context that emphasizes glorifying God in all I do. The amazing professors in the English department have challenged the way I view not only the world, but also, more specifically, literature and communication.

I've learned that I don't have to be a Bible major to serve God! They've helped me see beyond the surface into the deeper issues. I love how the professors make themselves so available to students inside and outside the classroom. They take the time to get to know not only your name but who you are and what your dreams are so they can help you achieve them.

Jill Steiner

"All my life I've loved stories. I love to read them, tell them, hear them, and write them. I dreamed as a little girl of having my stories published, having people who didn't know me read them, having my name in print.

During my freshman year at Corban my College Writing professor helped me realize this dream. The first assignment was to write about a personal experience, and possibly submit it to a book containing a collection of stories. She edited and critiqued, and we sent my story off. Four months later I received a letter of acceptance and a contract. Seven months after that a check. Two months after that, two copies of the book my story was published in. My dream had come true.

My love for the English language has grown since coming to college. Through literature classes I gained a fondness for poetry and classic writings. Through speech classes I gained a confidence and ability to stand before a crowd. Through writing classes I have developed and refined my story-telling ability.

My professors have shown me the various paths my major can take me on. They have gotten to know me and my abilities. They know what kind of work to expect from me, and challenge me if I don't step up to that standard. They know me, they know about my family, and they know my dreams.

My senior year I once again had the opportunity to witness a dream come true. I submitted an article to various newspapers, and was immediately accepted. My name appeared in print, this time with my picture. My professors were quick to congratulate and show off my published piece.

When I leave this place as a college graduate I'm going to miss the atmosphere on campus as well as my fellow students and the fellowship. But I think I'll miss the professors the most. I'll miss their encouragement and coaching. I'll miss the way they pray for their students. I'll miss the way they challenge me to do better. But I'll always love the stories they have given me to remember and tell."

Chris Neil

"I chose English Communications for my major because I knew for certain that I wanted to get a degree and experience in writing, and I later recognized speech as another area that I wanted to grow in and become proficient in.

I first chose Corban as where I wanted to go to college. I later decided to choose English Communications as a major based on the English degrees offered here.

The professors have acted in many different roles as I've studied here. All have acted as my role models and instructors, teaching me the lessons needed for life, and specifically, English. They have acted as my mentors, people who I could go to for advice, not just about school, but every area of my life: spiritually and socially. The professors have also acted as my friends, people I can talk to casually and are generally interested in my welfare and development.

After graduation I can see myself working in the communications field somewhere. I would love to write for a Christian organization. For now, though, I am interning at the Oregon Department of Education. I primarily write articles for the Superintendent's Weekly Update, Opinion pieces for the newspapers, and may be assisting with writing speeches in the future. I have already grown in my writing process by being able to prepare beforehand what information I need, and then to discipline myself to write whatever it is I need to do.

I thoroughly valued my time as an English Communications major at Corban and have grown in many ways through the professors, my school work, and through friends."

Jenni Burke

After meeting with some of the professors, and the writer in residence, I thought Corban would be a good place to go. I'd have the opportunity to study under people who really "know their stuff". They're experts! I knew that I'd also be able to gain some practical experience while still in school, and make contacts with people in the field.

Marty Trammell helped me overcome my fear of speaking in public, and gave me confidence to use that gift as a form of ministry. He has also challenged me to be a loving, genuine Christian who lives to love and loves to live! His marriage and family is a beautiful example I hope to imitate someday.

Ultimately my desire is to be in full time ministry, probably overseas. However, I'll probably work a few years in the communication field first. I hope to combine my writing and speaking skills with my love for the Lord to minister to His people.