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English: Creative Writing

English: Creative Writing (42)

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Specific Requirements (24)
EN222 Intro to Creative Writing (3)
EN308 American Lit-20th Century (3)
EN3131 Poetry Writing (3)
EN3132 Play Writing
EN463 Novel Writing (3)
EN3133 Short Story Writing (3)
EN343 Creative Writing Nonfiction (3)
Electives: Literature (6)

Core Requirements for all English Majors (18)
EN___ Lower-division Lit* (6)
EN373 Literary Criticism (3)
EN383 Nature/Structure Eng Lang (3)
EN413 Shakespeare or Survey of Literature course (3)
EN433 Senior Seminar (3)

Total Degree Requirements for this Major (128)
*This requirement is embedded in the “Thought and Culture” classes.
**Open electives are completed to meet the total hours required.