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Education: Social Studies (83)


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Content Courses (45)
EC213 Macro Economics (3)
EC223 Micro Economics (3)
HI303 History of the Middle East (3)
HI363 Third World Development (3)
HI373 History Modern Europe (3)
HI403EA Modern East Asian History (3)
ID114 American Thought and Culture* (4)
ID124 American Thought and Culture* (4)
ID214 World Thought and Culture* (4)
ID224 World Thought and Culture* (4)
PO203 National Government (3)
SO203 General Sociology (3)
HI___ Upper Division American History (5)

Middle Level/High School Methods Courses (5)
SS353 Meth./Mat. in Social Studies (3)
ED456 ML/HS Content Area Literacy (2)

Professional Education Requirements (33)
ED100 Student Education Assoc. (0)
ED102 Intro to Education (2)
ED111 Field Experience I - OPE I (1)
ED214 Intercultural Communication & OPE II (2)
ED222 Child & Adolescent Dev * (2)
ED232 Psychology of Education (2)
ED302S Classroom Management/Discipline (2)
ED312S Teaching Exceptional Children (2)
ED330 Instructional Alignment I (3)
ED331 Instructional Alignment II (2)
ED341 Field Exp. III - Meth. Practicum (1)
ED410 Philosophy of Education (2)
ED463 Student Teaching - First Authorization (10)
ED464 Student Teaching - Second Authorization (2)

Total Degree Requirements for this Major (128)
*Courses that also satisfy general education requirements.
**Open electives are completed to meet the total hours required.