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Education: Music (82-84)


Oregon Authorization Level Options - Early Childhood/ Elementary/ Middle Level/ High School
See also requirements for admission to all music programs. 

This major prepares students to be classroom music teachers in both public and private schools. The music education curriculum is designed to encourage maximum growth as a musician and develop effective skills to become a successful teacher in the classroom. This degree may take nine or more semesters to complete.

  • Prepares students to teach vocal and instrumental music
  • Provides teaching experience under music educators in the community
  • Provides license to teach music in Oregon upon graduation

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Content Courses (42)
MU111AS Aural Skills I (1)
MU113 Music Theory I (3)
MU121AS Aural Skills II (1)
MU123 Music Theory II (3)
MU211AS Aural Skills III (1)
MU213 Music Theory III (3)
MU221AS Aural Skills IV (1)
MU223 Music Theory IV (3)
MU Technique Studies: (choose 4 of 5) Percussion, Woodwind, Brass, String, Choral (4)
MU312 Orchestration (2)
MU313 Music History I** (3)
MU323 Music History II** (3)
MU332 Conducting I (2)
MU342 Conducting II (2)
MP Applied Music (4)
MP Music Ensembles* (6)
At least two semesters of choral ensembles and two semesters of instrumental ensembles.
MP250 Piano Proficiency Skills (0)
MU300ME Music Ed. Professional Activity (0)

Methods/Materials Courses (6-8)
ED456 ML/HS Content Area Literacy (2)
MU352 Org./Admin. Music in Schools (2)
MU 353E Methods/Materials in EC/EL Music (2)
MU353MH Methods/Materials in ML/HS Music (2)

Professional Education Requirements (33)
ED100 Student Education Assoc. (0)
ED102 Intro to Education (2)
ED111 Field Experience I - OPE I (1)
ED214 Intercultural Communication & OPE II (2)
ED222 Child & Adolescent Dev** (2)
ED232 Psychology of Education (2)
ED302 Classroom Management/Discipline (2)
ED312 Teaching Exceptional Children (2)
ED330 Instructional Alignment I (3)
ED331 Instructional Alignment II (2)
ED341 Field Exp. III - Meth. Practicum (1)
ED410 Philosophy of Education (2)
ED463 Student Teaching - First Authorization (10)
ED464 Student Teaching - Second Authorization (2)

Total Degree Requirements for this Major (141)
*These courses may be repeated for credit.
**Courses that also satisfy general education requirements.
***Open electives are completed to meet the total hours required.

This bachelor’s degree will require more than the traditional four years to complete.