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Education: Biology (73)


Oregon Authorization Level Options - Middle Level/High School

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Content Courses (35)
MA113 College Algebra* (3)
SC114 Biology I* with lab (4)
SC124 Biology II* with lab (4)
SC204 Zoology with lab (4)
SC214 General Chemistry I with lab (4)
SC224 General Chemistry II with lab (4)
SC254 Classical Botany with lab (4)
SC364 Environmental Ecology with lab (4)
SC374 Genetics with lab (4)

Middle Level/High School Methods Courses (5)
SC353 Meth./Mat. In ML/HS Biology (3)
ED456 ML/HS Content Area Literacy (2)

Professional Education Requirements (33)
ED100 Student Education Assoc. (0)
ED102 Intro to Education (2)
ED111 Field Experience I - OPE I (1)
ED214 Intercultural Communication & OPE II (2)
ED222 Child & Adolescent Dev * (2)
ED232 Psychology of Education (2)
ED302S Classroom Management/Discipline (2)
ED312S Teaching Exceptional Children (2)
ED330 Instructional Alignment I (3)
ED331 Instructional Alignment II (2)
ED341 Field Exp. III - Methods Practicum (1)
ED410 Philosophy of Education (2)
ED463 Student Teaching - First Authorization (10)
ED464 Student Teaching - Second Authorization (2)

Total Degree Requirements for this Major (128)
*Courses that also satisfy general education requirements.
**Open electives are completed to meet the total hours required.