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Business: Marketing

Business: Marketing (55)

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Specific Requirements (18)
BA393 Consumer Behavior (3)
BA303EC E-Commerce (3)
BA333SA Sales and Advertising (3)
CO433 Public Relations (3)
Electives in: Business Administration, Communication, Psychology or EN343 Creative Nonfiction Writing (subject to advisor approval) (6)

Core Requirements for Business Majors (37)
AC213 Intro Financial Accounting (3)
AC223 Intro Managerial Accounting (3)
BA213IS Information Systems (3)
BA223 Applied Business Statistics (3)
BA313 Business Law (3)
BA323 Management Principles (3)
BA333 Marketing Strategy (3)
BA333FM Financial Management (3)
BA403 Business Planning/Senior Thesis (3)
CA121 Spreadsheets (1)
EC213 Macro Economics (3)
EC223 Micro Economics (3)
MA113 College Algebra (3)

Total Degree Requirements for this Major (128)
*Open electives are completed to meet the total hours required.