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Business Administration

Hoff School of Business Program Overview

The business program is designed for individuals who desire training and experience in the professional skills necessary to be successful leaders, managers, or workers in any enterprise, whether for-profit or not-for-profit. It emphasizes the application of a biblical world view to the decisions of economic commerce, management of people, and stewardship of resources. Students are supported in the expectation to strive to become effective decision makers, skilled verbal and written communicators, and spiritually mature leaders.

The business program builds on the foundation of a solid general education program that uses studies in the Bible and liberal arts to train students in communication and personal relationship skills within the framework of a biblical world view. Broad training in organization leadership and management skills, course work in specific disciplines, and internship opportunities prepare the student for success in their future roles in both the business community.

For a student desiring to pursue an advanced degree in a related field, the general education and program core and specific discipline courses provide a solid base for acceptance and success in a graduate program.

Students majoring in business can choose specific programs of study in Accounting/Finance, Marketing, or Leadership & Management.  Hoff School of Business also offers a Master of Business Administration degree. Information about the program can be found here.