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Auditions are held twice per school year - once in the fall and once in the winter - in conjunction with the Corban Experience preview event. Contact to reserve an audition time. Auditions can be scheduled for other days, but it is highly recommended to present before the end of February when scholarship decisions are made.

A piano accompanist will be provided for you if requested. Please indicate your need when you make arrangements for your audition. Please submit copies of your music as soon as possible to allow your pianist to prepare. We will schedule time for you to rehearse prior to performance. You are allowed to play for yourself or bring your own accompanist if desired. Recorded accompaniment is not recommended.

Please dress professionally for your audition, and choose clothing that will not hinder your performance. Jeans and other casual apparel are not appropriate. Formalwear is not necessary.

Audition Elements 
To audition, you should prepare and perform two music pieces of varying styles on your primary instrument (which may include voice). You are invited to also present one piece on a secondary instrument if you choose. Please select music which will show us your personal best. Auditions generally last about 20 minutes, and you should allow time to warm up before your performance.

Examples of Contrast:

  • art music vs. worship music
  • traditional hymn vs. contemporary worship song
  • classical piece vs. jazz piece
  • composition from the Baroque era vs. a song from the 21st century

It is advised that you perform from memory, particularly on your primary instrument. Whether you perform from memory or not, you should know the music thoroughly. Following your performance, you will be asked to sight read a short selection.