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A.A. in Business (64)


Emphasizing Corban's biblical education core, the Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree in Business is a two-year program especially suitable for the student wanting some business training as a Christian lay-person for more effective life and service; or the student desiring a strong biblical and academic foundation before continuing a program not offered at Corban.

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Schedule by Semester

Biblical Education Requirement (12)
BI113 Survey Biblical Literature I (3)
BI123 Survey Biblical Literature II (3)
BI202 Bible Study Methods (2)
IS202 Global Perspectives (2)
TH202 Baptist Heritage (2)

Humanities and Social Sciences (27)
CO102 Fund of Speech (2)
EN123 College Writing I (3)
EN132 College Writing II (2)
ID101 Freshman Seminar (1)
ID114 American Thought & Culture (4)
ID124 American Thought & Culture (4)
ID214 World Thought & Culture (4)
ID224 World Thought & Culture (4)
MA113 College Algebra (3)

Human Performance (2)
HP121 Skill-oriented activity (1)
HP131 Fitness-oriented activity (1)

Specific Business Requirement (18)
AC213 Intro Financial Accounting (3)
AC223 Intro Managerial Accounting (3)
CA111 Word Processing (1)
CA121 Spreadsheets (1)
CA131 Databases (1)
EC213 Macro Economics (3)
EC223 Micro Economics (3)
BA___ Elective (3)
Electives from any discipline (5)

Recommended elective:
PS203 General Psychology

Total A.A. Degree Requirements (64)