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A.A. Biblical Studies

A.A. Biblical Studies (64)

Corban’s Biblical Studies program approaches training for the pastorate by providing the tools necessary for effectively communicating God’s Word. Courses provide an in-depth study of God’s Word while equipping students to communicate and model biblical truth. The requirements for the A.A. degree in Biblical Studies can be applied to the Bachelor of Biblical Studies.

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Biblical Education Requirements (24)
BI113 Survey Biblical Lit I (3)
BI123 Survey Biblical Lit II (3)
BI202 Bible Study Methods (2)
BI302 Teaching the Bible (2)
IS202 Global Perspectives (2)
TH202 Baptist Heritage (2)
TH313 Christian Theology I (3)
TH323 Christian Theology II (3)
Bible Book Study (2)
Elective: Bible/Theology (2)

Humanities and Social Sciences (27)
CO102 Fundamentals of Speech (2)
EN123 College Writing I (3)
EN132 College Writing II (2)
ID101 Freshman Seminar (1)
ID114 American Thought and Culture (4)
ID124 American Thought and Culture (4)
ID214 World Thought and Culture (4)
ID224 World Thought and Culture (4)
MA___ Math elective (3)

Human Performance (2)
HP121 Fitness-Oriented Activity (1)
HP131 Skill-Oriented Activity (1)

Electives from any discipline (11)

Total A.A. Degree Requirements (64)



Bible Certificate
A.A. Biblical Studies
Bible Translation
Biblical Studies*
Education: Bible Education
Intercultural Studies (Missions)
Pastoral Ministries
Women's Ministries
Student & Family Ministries

Intercultural Studies (Missions)
Women's Ministries
Student & Family Ministries

Student Testimonies

*All Corban students who complete the general education requirement in Biblical Studies with grades C- or better receive a minor in Biblical Studies. Students who receive less than C- grades in this requirement can choose to retake the class for a higher grade, or forfeit receiving the minor.