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As a student you will train under experienced and published faculty who are committed to Christ and who care deeply about your success.

The courses in our four-year program provide personal coaching, theoretical training, and practical experiences, and they promote the confidence necessary for a successful career. Both tracks provide the necessary breadth for graduate studies.

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Major in English (42)

Specific Requirements (24)
Electives (Upper Division): At least one class each selected from English, American and World Literature (18)
Writing Electives in addition to EN123 and EN132 (6)

Core Requirements for all English Majors (18)
EN___ Lower-division Lit* (6)
EN373 Literary Criticism (3)
EN383 Nature/Structure Eng Lang (3)
EN413 Shakespeare or Survey of Literature course (3)
EN433 Senior Seminar (3)

Total Degree Requirements for this Major (128)
* This requirement is embedded in the “Thought and Culture” classes.
** Open electives are completed to meet the total hours required.

Minor in English (21)

Minors must be taken in conjunction with a major to satisfy requirements for a bachelor’s degree.

Prerequisites: Six units of lower division literature*

Minor Requirements** (21)
EN222 Creative Writing
EN343 Creative Writing Nonfiction
CO423 Persuasive Theory & Writing (3)
EN307 American Lit 20th Century (3)
EN373 Literary Criticism (3)
EN___ One British Literature (3)
EN___ One World Literature (3)
EN413 Shakespeare
EN305 Renaissance Literature (3)
EN443M Minority Authors (3)

*This requirement is embedded in the “Thought and Culture” classes.
**Some of these requirements may also be counted toward the appropriate General Education Requirements.